Diplomatic Staff Pulled from Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro’s Accusation

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the Trump administration for power outages in Venezuela.

“The imperialistic US government ordered to carry out this attack when they realized that their attempts to harm Venezuela brought no results,” Maduro said in a televised nationwide address on Monday.

“They came with a strategy of war of the kind that only these criminals – who have been to war and have destroyed the people of Iraq, of Libya, of Afghanistan and of Syria – think up,” he added.

At least 20 out of 23 states in Venezuela had no electricity on March 7. Venezuela’s National Assembly declared a state of ‘national alarm’ following the power outages that left more than half of the country without electricity.

Following the accusations by Nicolas Maduro, the United States announced to withdraw its remaining diplomatic staff from the crisis-stricken country.

The secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced to vacate the US embassy in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, on Monday evening.

“This decision reflects the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of US diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on US policy,” Pompeo tweeted.

Self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido told CNN on Sunday, “We are in the middle of a catastrophe that is not the result of a hurricane, that is not the result of a tsunami. It’s the product of the inefficiency, the incapability, the corruption of a regime that doesn’t care about the lives of Venezuelans.”

Many specialists and political foes of Nicolas Maduro believe the blackout that is yet to be resolved, is because of years of mismanagement and corruption in the country.

Corpoelec, Venezuela’s state energy company, stated the cause of blackout due to an accident at the Simon Bolivar hydroelectric power station. However, Maduro – who has no evidence to support his statements – blames the US for the on-going crisis.


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