There is No ‘New START’ to the US-Russia Relationship

US Russia Relationship

The number of permutation and combinations surrounding the US-Russia relationship, just keep multiplying. Now, as one side of their relationship still continues to battle in Venezuela, the other wave of demise, of the only US-Russia arms control pact is set to shake up the diplomatic stature.

According to the account written by the CNA Corp, a non-profit research group, which was obtained by Reuters, the examination has unveiled the consequences of New START’s demise.

Tangents of disarray are set to trigger as the New Start agreement expires in Feb 2021, leading to a possible violation in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The guidelines under the treaty call on nuclear states such as the US and Russia to work towards nuclear disarmament. However, the Trump administration is deliberating whether to extend the pact or not. The deal according to the President Donald Trump is bad, which his national security adviser, John Bolton, has long argued. Russia, on the other hand, has showed the positive signs to extend New START, but wants to discuss the US violations first.

The New START treaty required the United States and Russia to cut their deployed strategic nuclear warheads to a maximum of 1,550, and deliver systems-land-and submarine-based missiles and nuclear-capable bombers. Besides, maintaining transparency measures requiring each side to allow the other to carry out 10 inspections of strategic nuclear bases each year.

Therefore, with the contract coming to an end, all the control over deployed strategic nuclear warheads would come to end.

“Neither country would have the same degree of confidence in its ability to assess the other’s precise warhead levels,” CNA’s Vince Manzo wrote in the study. “Worst-case planning is also more likely as a result.

“Increased opacity between U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear forces would unfold within the broader context of growing mistrust and diverging perceptions about strategy, intentions, and perceptions,” he added.

Further, without control, the United States would have to rework on its strategy and divert its satellites, looking into the activities of Russia and less to China, Iran and North Korea. The situation, thus alleges danger to the US, if it continues to believe that there is no ‘New Start’ to the US-Russia relationship.


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