North Korean crisis: Deadline Set for Improving US-DPRK Relations

North Korean crisis

The North Korean crisis over denuclearization of the Korean peninsula has been constant for years. Despite signing the Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, which was an agreed action between the North and South, to eliminate the danger of nuclear war, North Korea has not been following the agreed norms, continuing the testing of nuclear weapons in the area.

With its continued conduct of a series of missiles and nuclear tests, North Korea has been developing itself at a faster rate than any other community. But up till when?

Observing North Korea as a big threat to the world communities, the US has imposed several sanctions on it to limit its nuclear activities.

Meanwhile, Iran that has a robust missile relationship with North Korea has been in a controversial state with the US. Since, some of the Iranian officials worked with North Korea for several years, the government fears that North Korea’s development of advanced technology could lead to its attractive nuclear relationship with Iran.

The diplomatic talks conducted by the US to mitigate the North Korean crisis seemed to be in vain. During its first meeting with North Korea, the US promised to scale down military exercises in the Korean Peninsula in return for nuclear disarmament in the region. Yet, North Korea accused the US of going back on its commitments and threatened to resume nuclear activities.

Since then, both the countries have been making statements to explore new methods in the negotiations, but no common ground for agreement has been found up till now.

A day after both the sides met in Stockholm, Sweden to restart talks on Saturday, the North Korean officials warned Trump administration, giving a year’s deadline to change its approach towards nuclear negotiations saying, “the fate of the future DPRK-US dialogue depends on the US attitude, and the end of this year is its deadline”.  

The North Korean officials even criticized the US for bringing in a Libyan model to deal with nuclear crisis, which focused on shipping out of North Korea’s nuclear weapons before granting sanctions relief.

But the major concern here is Pyongyang’s resumed weapon tests that have raised a series of threats from the government, putting an end to its radical expectations of bringing in new talks. The Foreign Ministry called Saturday’s talks as “sickening”, blaming the government officials for following their outdated propaganda, while the government officials have been calling Stockholm talks as a step forward in mitigating the diplomatic deadlock between both the nations.

Amid the North Korean crisis, Pyongyang has actively been forming export relationships with the Persian Gulf states, including some Middle Eastern countries. Its short and medium range missiles that are considered as a threat by the US officials are a source of attraction by the regional states.

Well what needs to be seen is how Trump administration will respond to North Korea’s devastating blow of giving deadline to the US until the end of the year, which is basically aimed at finding a workable solution for improving US-DPRK relations.


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