Ocasio-Cortez Introduces Poverty Bill to Tackle Inequality in US

Poverty Bill

Once again a Democratic representative has stood up for the cause of helping the undocumented immigrants. With the increasing border crisis due to illegal entries, the undocumented immigrants have more or less been at a disadvantage. Moreover, the inconsistent and self-contradictory government policies combined with shortages of food and improper Medicaid facilities have additionally affected their lives.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wishes to free America of the undermining poverty, disclosed a poverty bill, consisting of anti-poverty proposals. The bill packaged as a bundle called, “A Just Society” would provide citizens, including the undocumented immigrants, access to federal benefits such as Medicaid.

Even after enormous policies and developments brought in the country, millions of Americans still live in poverty. The poverty bill, would thereby help in tackling inequality in the society, including six economic justice bills:

1. Recognizing Poverty Act
2. Place to Prosper Act
3. Mercy in Re-Entry Act
4. Embrace Act
5. Uplift Our Workers Act
6. Ratify the UN Covenant on Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights

The New York representative’s move of bringing forward the poverty bill has been praised by many Democrats and anti-poverty advocates as the bill seeks to update the federal poverty line, including child care and Internet access expenses.

The thing here is that at least someone has dared to acknowledge the depth of the problems and addressed it as a major issue. But as known, addressing the problems and formulating policies is not enough to bring improvement in an unsettled world.

In the wake of the 2020 presidential elections in the country, the Democratic hopefuls, who were previously fighting head-to-head criticizing each other’s policies, have once again started to unite, calling for President Trump’s impeachment. The move was in response to the president’s alleged acts of forcing the Ukrainian leader to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.

The fact that Biden, who has continued to be a top preference of the Democratic voters in the last three Democratic debates, seems to have somewhat worried the government officials. Although now the Republicans feel a sense of relief with revealed allegations on Biden.

Amid the accusations, many of the Democratic candidates believe that the president’s impeachment procedure would bring forward huge political risk and would in-turn lead to his publicity. In a way, it might be true. If the Democrats continuously use the same phrase of Trump’s impeachment rather than portraying their own policies and leadership faces, then it would eventually become an indirect Trump campaign.

However, Ocasio-Cortez, who has been critical of her party’s unwillingness to focus on impeachment has her own reasons. She said, “I think that those … concerns are understandable, but the actions that [Trump] has been taking to essentially dismantle our democracy I think take precedent over that.”

Through her proposed poverty bill, Ocasio-Cortez wants to improve the immigration, political and economic policies, unifying the society and system for all those who are living or plan to live in the country. This is her second most influential deal after she successfully addressed the root causes of climate change in her Green New Deal resolution earlier, urging the citizens to shift to renewable forms of energy.


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