Border Officials’ Negligence Adds One More to List of Dead Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants

The fact that illegal immigrants are safe in DHS custody appears to be a myth as many have died in the process of deportation. The families of the illegal immigrants, caught in this perilous act, have called for justice, though the risk of being prone to death constantly overlies on them.

On Saturday, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, held for deportation, died in the custody. The border officials said that it appeared like the 42-year-old man committed suicide.

The information gathered from the DHS stated that the illegal immigrant was first found at the border, when he was crossing Hidalgo, Texas, on Friday. The man even falsely claimed himself to be a US citizen, read the DHS information.

On account of suspicions, Customs and Border Protection officials took the illegal immigrant in custody for deportation and for criminal prosecution for lying. His death, the very next day of his arrest, raises questions on the sort of treatment he received in the DHS custody.

“According to initial reports, the cause of death is suspected to be the result of suicide,” said CBP.

More recently, there has been an increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the country, with Central Americans being the priors in migrating through the US border. Despite various policies, the government has failed in halting the flow of migrants and thus brought in some moves that invited some harsh criticisms.

The US that has provided refuge to a large number of immigrants, brought a new move in November that involved sending some of the asylum seekers back to Guatemala.

A data of over two years shows that despite the facilities provided by the border officials, many children have died in the custody. The reports have shaken the entire credibility of DHS.

Not only children, many adults have also suffered the same fate due to negligence on part of the federal authorities. The case of transgender immigrant Roxsana Hernández, who died while in the custody, brought another revelation to the brutal truth of what the immigrants had to go through in the custody.

Earlier in December, Roxsana’s family held the federal immigration agencies and their contractors responsible for her death, with civil rights groups claiming that her death could have been prevented if the authorities had done what was necessary.

Since the border facilities failed in fulfilling their moral responsibility of providing basic healthcare to the immigrants that led to countless deaths in the past, many authorized physicians recently gathered at the Chula Vista border patrol station in San Ysidro, to prevent the growing flu-epidemic, spreading amongst the illegal immigrants in the custody.    

What needs to be considered is the possibility, whether the federal agencies are at fault for neglecting the plea of the migrants, who cross the border in a hope to lead a better life?

If it is the case, then the authorities claiming to protect the illegal immigrants are only using ill-health and other excuses as a ridicule way of getting the job finished earlier than expected.   


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