Rep. Paul Tonko Calls for a Centrist Climate Plan Sidelining Politics

Paul Tonko

One of the top Democrats recently announced to float a new climate policy. The new policy or legislation will be framed in context to dealing with future climate change and presented to the GOP.

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) during a Climate Leadership Conference in Baltimore presented a nine point plan that will serve as the base for drafting of future bill related to climate change.

There has been numerous environment related issues that have taken a centre stage in the US politics. They extend from energy consumption to species conservation to increasing deforestation, pollution, waste and even over-population. Despite various measures taken by the government, there has been a constant tussle between Democrats and Republicans on these and related matters.

Paul Tonko in his recent nine point presentation pointed out that climate change is a priority and must not be delayed any further. He emphasized that “This issue cannot wait for politics.”

As per Tonko, the broad suggested plan is “doable” and is attract bipartisan interest with a carbon pricing plan. He also stated that the nine points are not policies in itself but a broad guiding structure directing the future climate related legislations.

It is a framework that is to bring together legislators on a common consensual platform of what is to be expected out of the planned legislations to tackle the rising threat of global climate change.

Rep. Paul Tonko clarified that nothing is exempted and called for “thousand climate and clean energy plans bloom”.

The major pillars of this broad framework would be setting targets for greenhouse gas neutrality by mid-century, ensuring clean energy industries and investing in research and development for continued healthy growth.

Earlier also Tonko has taken a stance calling for effective action on climate change but has also questioned bold legislations like Green New Deal. His outlined plan is very likely to be compared from the components of New Green Deal including carbon pollution.

“There needs to be a longer, deliberate debate and discussion about putting a price on carbon because carbon pollution today is free, and there is a cost to society of that on public health, public safety and national security,” Tonko said during an interview.

Paul Tonko is still to specify his plan of action whether it will be dedicated on reducing carbon emissions based on a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system or both in case.


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