Is a Peace Deal with the Taliban Imminent?


The American war in Afghanistan may be closer to an end, with a peace deal in sight. The United States and Taliban have been negotiating for a week now, and are getting closer to a peace agreement.

It is still unclear if the Taliban will negotiate directly with the Afghan government. After 17 years of fighting, the possibility of negotiations is significant. But what would such a peace deal mean?

The women in Afghanistan have advanced since 2011, since the US waged war against Taliban. Under the rule of the Taliban, women stayed indoors. They could not study or work and had lacked basic freedom.

Afghans are saying they do not believe the country would go backwards. So much progress has been made for women’s equality.  But Shalah Darwish is worried.  She fears all women’s rights will be removed as soon as the US withdraws, especially if the Taliban once again rules.

The Afghan ambassador to the United States, Roya Rahmani, is more positive. She feels Afghanistan would not fall back and that they are a changed nation. She is the first Afghani woman to have this role and says she represents half of the Afghan population – the women. No deal would be acceptable that ignores half of its people.

Afghanistan was one of the worst places in the world for women, and while much advancement has been made, still it remains the worst place in the world for a woman to receive education. 

President Donald Trump is keen to end the war in Afghanistan, but many worry he is not thinking about the people of Afghanistan. Obama and his administration were clear that a peace deal could not come if it was at the cost of women and children’s lives.

If America pulls out, as Trump plans to do so, it is not clear what will happen to the women in Afghanistan as it will not be left to the US to control and monitor the nation.

Will this peace deal work for all of the people of Afghanistan? There are many who fear they will be shut in their homes again. And their rights will be removed very quickly.


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