Pete Buttigieg in Soup for Hiding Fundraisers’ Details in Iowa

Pete Buttigieg

In the heat of 2020 presidential elections, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been in constant criticism for his policy ideas in Iowa.

The Democratic hopeful being the youngest candidate in the election race officially launched his campaign in April, unaware of the fact that his major policy positions could become the source of his criticism.

Over the weekend, Buttigieg repeatedly indulged in questions over his transparency in eastern Iowa.

On Friday, at a town hall in Grinnell, Pete Buttigieg was reminded and questioned upon his handling of a past incident, where a black man was killed by a white officer. The death is often linked to a larger discussion of Buttigieg’s relationship with the police and the community in South Bend, and his low polling with African American voters in South Carolina.

Buttigieg has long struggled to gain support of the black voters, following which he recently realized his past remarks about the challenges faced by minority communities in education.

Later on Friday, a reporter in Waterloo asked Buttigieg as to why he hadn’t opened press access to his high-dollar fundraisers, for which the Democratic candidate responded, “There are a lot of considerations, and I’m thinking about it.”  

When re-asked about the examples of the considerations, Buttigieg chose to remain quiet. Whether or not he would release the names of his so-called “bundlers” who raise money for him remains largely unclear.

The press meeting, which began on Friday, was scheduled to wrap up on Sunday, with a greater motive of strengthening Pete Buttigieg’s political campaign for elections. But his way of answering and lengthy interactions during his three-day swing with the journalists was criticized heavily by the leaders, a move that appears to have spilled his image as a top-tier Democratic hopeful in Iowa.

When asked about a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that Buttigieg signed when he worked for consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the Democratic hopeful provided the public a summary of his roughly two and half years, while informing that he has called on his former employer to release him from his NDA.

As the rest of the Iowans watched, Buttigieg faced other questions about his policy plans on higher education and climate change.

Meanwhile, a few days ago in Boston, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Pete Buttigieg of creating conflicts of interest by not disclosing the fundraisers’ details to the press.

Warren released new details about her period of corporate legal work, in which she made at least $1.9 million from private clients. The disclosure came as she faced pressure to offer up additional tax returns from Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg’s support for public health insurance option, labor unions, universal background checks for gun purchases and policies on addressing climate change, while passing a federal law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people were some of the key points that strengthened his candidacy for presidential elections, but the recent scrutiny over his unrevealed facts might bring him at loss.  


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