Power Struggle in Venezuela: Maduro Forces Attack Opposition Lawmakers

Power Struggle in Venezuela: Maduro Forces Attack Opposition Lawmakers

A crisis-battered economy of Venezuela fighting over legitimacy of their supreme leader, once again witnessed disruption after government forces loyal to President Nicolas Maduro attacked a convoy of the opposition lawmakers. The attack took place outside the parliament building in central Caracas, prodding the opposition to shift their session on the outskirts of the nation’s capital.

As reported, a group of opposition members of the National Assembly were being driven to the legislative palace in Caracas, when their cars came amidst the attack from armed motorcycle group loyal to Maduro.

The video footage shot from inside the car, which surfaced online later on, showed supporters of the president throwing a traffic cone and a stone that broke one of the car’s window. The local media reported that even gunshots were fired, but no injuries were reported on the scene.

The attack marks as second such incident in a month, where lawmakers have been stopped from entering the National Assembly building, which hosts the only subsidiary of the government that remains out of control of the Maduro Government.

The attack was condemned by the opposition leader Juan Guaido, who billed it as an “ambush” conducted by the military and paramilitary groups armed by a “brutal and wild” dictatorship.

Guaido, who was not in the movement with his lawmakers that propelled to enter the building, later joined the scene at Caracas suburb of El Hatillo. “Today, we clearly reject before the world this attack, this ambush against the Federal Palace,” Guaido said, referring to the legislative building. “The dictatorship has clearly exposed itself to the world,” he added.

Power struggle in Venezuela has been in part with the nation’s inability to recover from the economic slump down under reign of Nicolas Maduro, who has let loose the lucrative gold to satisfy his ill-deeds. The down under has not only doomed prospects of recovery on political, social and economic front, but also given rise to fight for basic amenities. Facilities as basic as medicine, food and ironically gasoline – despite Venezuela being home to the world’s largest oil reserves – have been lacking in the nation.

Juan Guaido surfaced on scene a year ago, when he declared himself as the acting president under the constitution of the nation and committed to end Maduro’s reign. His move was apparently supported by the United States and more than 50 other nations, saying Maduro’s re-election in 2018 was illegal.

Since that day, Nicolas Maduro has indulged himself in a cold war with Juan Guaido, and has maintained a grip on the government courtesy of armed forces.

Even earlier this month on 5th January, Juan Guaido who had to stand for the re-election of House Speaker went to National Assembly, but was barred by National Guards from entering the premises. He was continuously pushed back with shields, as he attempted to lunge over the railings surrounding the buildings.

Guaido then had to move his session to another location, where about 100 lawmakers re-elected him as the speaker. A couple of days later, Guaido and lawmakers loyal to him made headway into the National Assembly building after pushing through the National Guard Security cordon, where he sworn in as the speaker and also renewed his oath as the interim president.

Venezuela today has been reduced to a mere dictatorship led by Nicolas Maduro and his ill-fates to empty national reserves, where civilians are suffering and even dying under such dire circumstances. What remains positive though, is Guaido’s commitment to fight the corrupt leader and free his nation from Maduro’s shackles.


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