President’s National Emergency Declaration Faces Lawsuit from 16 States

national emergency trump

President Donald Trump, in second half of his reign, has started taking decisions that seem to be getting more absurd with time, and that is pretty evident from his Friday declaration of national emergency. The announcement was as ridiculous for a 16-states coalition that it recently filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in San Francisco.

The coalition, including New York and California, on Monday challenged Trump’s plan of using emergency powers to spend billions of dollars over his border wall obsession. It also argues that Trump lacks the power to redirect funds from different sources for constructing a wall across the Mexican border, as the spending is controlled by the Congress.

In a televised statement on February 15, the President declared a national emergency in the Rose Garden, clearly stating that he is “going to do it one way or the other”. Two days before the emergency announcement, Trump had readily accepted a “no second government shutdown” agreement, and agreed to accept only $1.375 billion, which was less money than $5.7 billion that he demanded for the wall.

Although he had mentioned about his intentions of raising more money from other national means, a national emergency was not being expected by many. Even during the 35-day long government shutdown, Trump had reiterated the emergency warnings multiple times.

However, in an inconsiderate move, the President finally declared national emergency at the south border, bringing in excessive condemnation from across the country. Democrats called the move an unconstitutional abuse of his authority.

The attorneys of the filed lawsuits also used Trump’s own words against him, saying that he “didn’t need to” declare a national emergency in the issue.

In an interview, the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra said that Trump had undercut his own argument. “Probably the best evidence is the president’s own words,” he said.

According to media reports, the President is seeking to devote nearly $8 billion on a wall that would extend to 230 miles of the southern border. Moreover, he plans to strike the money from other funds, which could possibly include drug-interdiction and military construction projects, as well as the money of the taxpayers.

The question that remains is that how the Congress and the courts are going to prevent Trump from implementing on his declaration, and use their authority to settle the turmoil created by their president.

While the lawsuits have just been filed, it is yet to be seen how the situation will be controlled.


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