Prosecutors Fear Manipulation of Existing Proofs with Lev Parnas’ Bail

Lev Parnas

One of the associates of the President’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, appears to have been surrounded by controversies as the federal prosecutors in New York have been adding to his woes. They have asked upon the judge to revoke bail for Parnas, while he awaits trial.   

The Soviet-born American businessman was officially indicted with three others for his alleged involvement in funneling foreign money into the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.

Parnas also aided one his co-defendants, Igor Fruman, with his search in Ukraine for detrimental information on the president’s political opponent, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This brings Parnas in the list of figures involved in the Trump–Ukraine scandal. Since, Rudy Giuliani has close links with these associates, he had become center of the House impeachment inquiry upon their arrests.

On Wednesday, the federal prosecutors alleged in a court filing that Parnas failed to disclose $1 million he received from a Russian bank account in September, though it missed on the additional details in the matter. They even accused him of making false statements to the government about his assets and income, misleading his pretrial services officer in Florida about his bail to gain his release.

The investigations into Lev Parnas’ dealings reveal that he earned $200,000 in three months from a law firm diGenova & Toensing, where he was hired as a translator to communicate with Ukrainian Oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who doesn’t speak English.

After earning the money, Parnas tried to keep it hidden and safe into an account under his wife’s name. When asked about the details, he misled the government, saying that he only received $50,000 from the firm on an annual basis.

Despite being indicted, Lev Parnas has continuously pleaded not guilty to the court. The federal judge who set his bail ordered home detention at Parnas’s residence in Florida, a decision that seemed unjustified to the prosecutors.

The federal prosecutors even accused Parnas’s two attorneys of hiding the accurate information about his assets and income, though which one of them provided the false information remained unidentified in the filing.

What the prosecutors worry about is that being on bail, Lev Parnas, who had already misled the government on various occasions would try to establish the fake information. Since, the suspicions of Russian interference threats in the upcoming elections have been intensified by many political leaders, the prosecutors have called upon the federal judge to reflect upon the causes and impacts of its ruling.

It appears that Lev Parnas because of his involvement with Russia, could pose a “significant flight risk” to the inquiries and impeachment hearings in the country.


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