Sanders, AOC and Blumenauer Attempt to Declare Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Out of all the situations encircling the government, calls to declare a climate emergency have taken a hold as a central issue in the country. On Tuesday, Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders joined hands with New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Oregon’s Rep. Earl Blumenauer to bring in a new resolution in order to make climate change a national issue.

The aim of teaming up was to declare national emergency in regards to the rising climate threats that have been recently observed. Both the Democratic representatives while ensuring ways to mitigate these threats, thought to unveil the new bill, pressuring the Congress.

“There is a climate emergency which demands a massive-scale mobilization to halt, reverse, and address its consequences and causes,” the bill’s authors wrote. As the bill did not indicate what specific actions need to be taken, it clearly stated that the situation of a climate emergency is a completely human-made problem, which poses a huge threat to the future of millions of Americans.

An immediate and a clear political action is what the leaders have been demanding, however, there is a very little chance for the bill to progress in the Republican-held Senate.

In the wake of the upcoming presidential elections in the country, the hopeful candidates have been using tactics to evolve public concerned issues, thereby putting pressure on the existing government, by illustrating their failure in fulfilling the citizens’ requirements.

Bernie Sanders, who has long been favoring to bring in the proposed radical steps to ban the use of fossil fuels by eliminating the fuel industry, raised his voice in favor of the resolution as it aimed at mitigating the existential climate emergency. Noting that the crisis would affect the future generations, Sanders called for switching the system to efficient and sustainable sources of energy.

Sanders has earlier called climate change a human rights issue. In order to diminish the climate threats from the country, he even said, “We’re going to create millions of good-paying jobs weatherizing our homes, changing our transportation system, moving aggressively into wind and solar and other sustainable energies.”

As the resolution originates from Sanders’ Capitol Hill office, it would largely affect the candidacy of the Democratic hopeful, whose team has been making efforts to bring young voters’ attention towards his policies and priorities.

The resolution came in the wake of the previously proposed Green New Deal, which was largely favored by AOC and remains conceptual. By working in coalition with other leaders, the Democrats wish to turn the controversial deal into reality. While acknowledging the source of the problem, the teamed up trio aims to end the existing climate emergency, which would also grant them enough support from the citizens, while favoring them for the 2020 elections.   


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