Senators debate over US’ federal data privacy law

Data privacy laws

For the United States lawmakers, its a real catch-22, as they commence working on a new data privacy bill for individual states. Both the Republicans and Democrats are at odds over the historical move of states enforcing their own ordinance.

The bipartisan agreement, if enforced, could be US’ first comprehensive data privacy law, however, there’s still a long way off.

California is an early bird in the league to adopt the new data privacy bill.

During a recent Congress hearing on data privacy, Republicans strongly opposed any state policies on privacy, while Democrats were in favor of the issue. Democrats agreed to consider preemption, allowing the federal law to overturn state laws, only after the Congress assures to pass a bill that robustly protects customers’ data.

Republicans were of the opinion that the nation has to have one national bill.

The need for data privacy has emerged after the worldwide uproar against Facebook’s Cambridge Analytics scandal. This event prompted California to adopt a consumer privacy law, having ace standards, that mandate the websites to be transparent about their data collection practices.

Before the law gets enforced in 2020, the lobbyists and Republicans are trying hard to nullify California’s new rules, and to avert other states from following suit.

Meanwhile, the critics believe that the new law might create conflicting regulations across the United States.

“Your privacy and security should not change depending on where you live in the United States,” said Rep. Greg Walden (Ore.), the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

He added: “One state should not set the standards for the rest of the country.”

Republicans and Democrats, both are under pressure from prominent groups to uphold their stance on the issue. Democrats, however, said that they won’t settle for an ineffective privacy law that prevent states from expressing their opinion over consumers’ data collection.


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