Tag: Trump administration

    John Bolton

    John Bolton Unwittingly Reveals Next Move on Venezuela

    National Security Adviser John Bolton was probably having a moment of oblivion as he ...

    Dana White

    Dana White Adds to Key Departures from Trump Administration

    Following the ongoing trail of departures, another key figure from the Trump administration takes ...

    James Mattis

    James Mattis’ Resignation Indicates Disparities Within Trump Administration

    The unpredictable moves and abrupt decisions of President Donald Trump have become the root ...


    Obamacare Repeal Prompts Threat for Trump in Re-Elections

    Healthcare in the United States has become a major constituent of its political landscape, ...

    US Border Patrol

    Seven-year-old Immigrant Girl Dead in US Border Patrol Custody

    In a tragic incident, a seven-year-old Gautemala died hours after being taken into US ...

    Kentucky Medicaid

    Work requirements re-approved for Kentucky’s Medicaid by Trump Administration

    Kentucky’s appeal to compel many of its low-income residents on Medicaid to get jobs ...

    pesticides in US market

    Harmful Pesticide to be Removed from U.S. Market by Court Orders

    The Trump administration endangered public health by keeping the extensively used pesticide chlorpyrifos on ...

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