The Butler Eagle Cartoon about Trump won’t go Well with Fans

    The Butler Eagle

    President Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s having a bad time, although his ratings are shocking and his unpopularity charting an all-time high. Throughout his presidency, cartoonists have been having a great time. But when the cartoons turn vulgar, controversy is inevitable.

    Wiley Miller, a cartoonist, has a regular feature in The Butler Eagle, a Pennsylvanian publication with an unusual cartoon. It is always a three-panel cartoon, done in black and white, and readers are encouraged to color it.

    Call it therapy, call it fun, or call it politics. This week, the cartoon bore a message, scribbled in small letters, that said – ‘We fondly say go f*** yourself…Trump.’

    The message was spotted by a reader who brought it to the attention of The Butler Eagle publisher, Ron Vodenichar. The publisher denied being aware of the hidden message, saying that it must have been added in by someone in the creative department.

    Many people think it is indeed a marvelously creative cartoon that echoes the hidden message. The Butler Eagle has apologized to its readers and has discontinued the entire cartoon strip.

    The cartoon is distributed by the Andrews McMeel Syndication and appears in over 700 newspapers. Miller may have lost his job but he isn’t apologizing. He constantly tweets his contempt for Trump, referring to him as ‘The Gaslighter-in-Chief.’ He also calls Trump a liar for making up numbers about people in caravans and has referred to him as a ‘Stable Genius’.

    Miller has been asked to comment, as has the Andrews McMeel Syndication. It appears that for now, only The Butler Eagle has dropped Miller. We don’t know if the other 699 newspapers have also dropped the cartoonist or not.

    Miller was reported to have said ‘Can you find it…’ on Twitter and other social media platforms. He is not a fan of Donald Trump and his vitriol against the President is getting bigger, especially as the President appears more and more unstable.

    Trump has a bad relationship with the media, except for Fox News, constantly accusing them of publishing fake news. With The Butler Eagle firing Miller, Trump may just score a point or two against the media.


    • Alex Smith

      Alex has a past experience of 5 years in writing political stories. He was a former United States’ news blogger with a major inclination towards the political section than entertainment and lifestyle categories. The opportunity of working with Ask Truth served as a perfect chance to explore politics in the United States.

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