Threat Intensifies for Brett Kavanaugh with another Allegation of Sexual Assault

    Brett Kavanaugh

    While the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was waiting for testifying the allegations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford, another woman came forth with similar accusation. On Sunday evening, the 53-year-old Deborah Ramirez accused him of sexual misconduct, during his college years at Yale University.

    According to The New Yorker magazine, Ramirez alleged that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself at a drunken party during their freshman year, in the academic calendar 1983-84. He thrust his genitals in her face and caused her to touch it without her consent, as she pushed him away. Besides, she also accused him of laughing at her in the aftermath.

    Ramirez attended the university with Brett Kavanaugh, and studied sociology and psychology. She was initially hesitant of reporting the case, publicly as she was drunk herself during the alleged incident. She had conveyed the allegation to the Democratic senators by a civil-rights lawyer.

    Similar to Ford, Ramirez has also called for FBI to investigate the role of Kavanaugh in the incident. She said, “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted.”

    Defending himself, Kavanaugh released a statement on Sunday evening through the White House press office.Categorically denying the allegations made by Ramirez, he wrote, “This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name—and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building—against these last-minute allegations.”

    While another case was already hanging over Kavanaugh’s head, the allegations by Ramirez have just worsen the situation for him as well as the Republicans. Senior Republican staffers also have also been concerned about the potential impact of such allegations on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

    Senator Mazie Hirono, of Hawaii, said, “This is another serious, credible, and disturbing allegation against Brett Kavanaugh. It should be fully investigated.”

    Besides, an aide in one of the other Senate offices added, “These allegations seem credible, and we’re taking them very seriously. If established, they’re clearly disqualifying.”

    On the other hand, the White House is still backing Kavanaugh’s nomination. An administration spokesperson Kerri Kupec claimed the new allegation as part of a “coordinated smear campaign by the Democrats designed to tear down a good man.”

    Can we still call these allegations a political strategy? Because, there can be a possibility that Ramirez gained confidence after seeing Ford coming up and reporting the issue, which has continued to be a girl’s biggest fear.


    • Olivia Anstey

      Olivia believes writing is the best form of communication and is the basis for human survival. She presents a wider picture of each and every political aspect and believes the truth must be spoken! She has additionally spent most of her time consulting federal employees based on her experience in the department, which she now uses while writing for Ask The Truth.

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