Tijuana Tear Gas Hazard Proves another Red Mark

    Tear gas

    President Trump’s strict immigration policies and the execution of the same has already been a denouncing subject for both lawmakers and administrators.

    The recent death of two Guatemalan children reflected the ill treatment of immigrants detained by authorities; the border wall issue following government’s shutdown has already raised enough flames for a violent fire and the recent Tijuana tear gas hazard has further pushed an outcry from immigration activists, politicians and human rights groups over Trump administration policies.

    Recent report stated that US border agents, following President’s immigration plans, launched tear gas attack into Mexico to control a group of migrants. As per the explanation rendered by the officials the immigrants were a ‘violent mob’ crossing over Tijuana. In further explanation, US customs and border protection said that they were targeting mob throwing rocks at the security personals.

    As this was not the first such reported incident, Tijuana tear gas hazard has become a flashpoint in the ongoing debate on the immigration policies led by Trump, disturbing the border security and relations with immediate neighbors. The last tear gas attack reported in November triggered a call from Mexico’s government for an investigation and international condemnation, as a red mark.

    As per ground investigation by Reuters, 150 Central American migrants approached Tijuana in the Playas neighborhood near the beach late on Monday thinking that security might have been eased due to New Year holidays. US personnel released tear gas into Mexico after some migrants seem to climb a border fence.

    US Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman justified the tear gas attack, stating that it was the bare minimum effort that was taken by the forces to defend themselves from the ‘violent mob’. She even supported President Trump’s demand on fully funding the border wall.

    On various occasions authorities have ensured that steps will be taken to avoid such incidents. However, the repetition of incident like Tijuana tear gas is raising various law and order concerns.

     In response to the latest attack by US agents, Roberto Velasco, Mexico Foreign Ministry spokesman expressed regrets and stated that Mexico advocates respect for migrants’ human rights, security and integrity. Further he also stated that respect of laws from both sides needs to be maintained.

    It appears that both sides are trying to ensure normality after a shock disturbance which needs more than just force restored by the administration.

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    • Elena Cooper has worked in the immigration sector as a freelance writer for more than 7 years. She has worked with non-profit, corporate to government organizations in the category of immigration issues and updates. Elena has used her opportunity of working with Ask The Truth to the utmost level at raising awareness by talking about issues in the immigration sector.

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