Trump claims Puerto Rico received largest donation till date, announces aid to Florida

Trump claims Puerto Rico received largest donation till date, announces aid to Florida

This post was last updated on May 11th, 2019 at 01:16 pm

At the campaign rally held in Panama City Beach, Florida, the US President Donald Trump continued his attacks on the donations provided to Puerto Rico. During the rally, Trump attempted to set the people of Florida against Puerto Ricans over donations to cover damages caused by Category 5 Hurricane.

He also promised a donation worth $448 million to Florida’s Housing and Urban Development disaster recovery firm that will help people recover from the Category 5 Hurricane, Michael which hit the state in October last year.

Trump said, “That was not a nice hurricane, I can tell you that. But it’s going well. We will have the federal government pay for 90 percent of the cost in many circumstances.”

The President also mentioned about the donations provided to the Puerto Rico, US territory for the Hurricane Maria which devastated the island in 2017. He said that the territory was provided with $91 billion dollars to bounce back from the destruction.

He said, “’FEMA did a tremendous job here and elsewhere, by the way. They had this, they had Texas, they had Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico got $91billion. I understand they don’t like me. It’s the most money we’ve given to anybody.”

He added, “They’ve got $91 billion. I think the people of Puerto Rico are very grateful to Donald Trump for what we’ve done for them.”

However, the media soon falsified these claims. The media discovered that only $11.2 billion were spent, out of the allocated $40.8 billion. The fact-checkers also found out that the amount of $91 billion was the “guesstimate for potential liabilities over the next 20 years.”

One of the media houses reported, “It’s simply false for the President to assert that Puerto Rico has received $91 billion. It has been allocated less than half of that, and he is treating a guesstimate as an established fact. There may be valid reasons for the estimate, though OMB has not explained them. But there’s still no excuse for President Trump to cite the number as a solid figure.”

Also the claims of $91 billion being the largest donation ever provided by the Congress might be wrong, since Congress provided $120 billion to the regions affected by hurricane Katrina.

After the rally, people of Florida have taken President’s claims of $91 billion donations much seriously. Some of the people have also expressed their anger over the aid received.

While the claims made by President Trump, over the donations might be soon revealed to them, still any usage of data to mislead the public might create hatred for the politicians of the country and for the people of other states as well.


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