Trump-Led Trade War Calls for Retaliation from the Furious Allies

    Hitherto, the government of United States has strenuously declared numerous ‘wars’ against poverty, human rights, drug abuse, cancer, etc. However, these wars are nothing like US’s declaration of war upon Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary in 1942.

    The Kingdom of Bulgaria was a supporter of Germany during World War I. At that time, the Germans pressurized Bulgaria to sign the Tripartite Pact, which was primarily against the United States. Though Bulgaria remained neutral till 1941, it was finally compelled by Germany to get involved in the Italo-Greek War by allowing the movement of troops through Bulgaria. With no option of denying Germany militarily, Bulgaria adhered to the pact and formally joined the Axis bloc. On June 5, 1942, the United States Congress declared war upon Bulgaria. Till date, that was the last formal declarations of war by the US, but the list of its non-military wars does not end here.

    Recently, US declared a ‘trade war’ for reducing the bilateral trade discrepancies by proposing tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. This declaration spurred global trade tensions and breached America’s closest allies.

    Following this, Beijing proposed to import some US agricultural products to balance the deficit, but the deal did not pacify the US business hawks.

    Mexico countered the news by announcing instantaneous retaliatory tariffs on US products like pork bellies, apples, grapes, blueberries and flat steel. Further, EU also responded by declaring tariffs on American imports worth several billion dollars, including jeans, Kentucky bourbon and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. French President Emmanuel Macron said that “the US tariffs would mean war.”

    Lately, there were speculations of America averting the trade war with for securing its economy from destabilization, by agreeing to put planned import tariffs “on hold”. The world does not seem contented with bossing-around America, whose administration is so assertive about controlling everything possible. This was just a trailer for Trump, who still has time to mend policies before he loses the sway.

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    • Alex Smith

      Alex has a past experience of 5 years in writing political stories. He was a former United States’ news blogger with a major inclination towards the political section than entertainment and lifestyle categories. The opportunity of working with Ask Truth served as a perfect chance to explore politics in the United States.

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