Trump Wants US Troops Out of Middle East in a Flash

    US troops

    “We have to bring our troops (US troops) home and allow the Afghan to enjoy a smooth transition in their government by indulging in talks that will bring peace to the regions with top negotiators while taking the necessary precaution against terrorist groups that want to destroy the process,” President Donald Trump.

    It is no surprise to the US allies and the citizens of US that Trump wants to pull out the troops from Syria and Afghanistan, away from the war that has savaged the countries for years rendering more causalities than any other war.

    However, with all the stories of the US in the news, one is left to wonder if the decision to extract US troops from this region is the right thing to do.

    The decision certainly came as a surprise to Afghans, who see the American presence as a pillar of support to the fight against terrorism and maliciousness that is a norm in the Middle East.

    While Trump is at the receiving end of bashing from members of the house for a wrong decision, supporters are singing in his praise for being able to stand up for leaders that people call, dangerous and leeching on the compassion of the United States.

    What will happen next?

    Skepticism is arising from quarters that feel if the US troops leave the Afghan region, the civil rights and women progress that is beginning to take root in the region will be drowned down the drain. However, this announcement by Trump has triggered the Afghan leaders to try to find a common landmark where the leaders of these two countries can talk and reach a compromise that will clamp down on the insistent terror attack by the Taliban.

    Millions around the world, including the Taliban, found this action by Trump a huge set back in building peaceful grounds in the Afghanistan region. They also fear that the conflict that is being managed will escalate and become uncontrollable.

    Afghanistan is the site where Americans have been fighting the war against terrorism since forever. The US has had enough and is pulling out to let the Afghans clean up their mess themselves and even though the Afghans say they can handle their issues, many still think and hope that the upcoming peace talks yield results that will change the face of things for both the countries, even though the matters have only worsened in the country in recent months.


    • Alex Smith

      Alex has a past experience of 5 years in writing political stories. He was a former United States’ news blogger with a major inclination towards the political section than entertainment and lifestyle categories. The opportunity of working with Ask Truth served as a perfect chance to explore politics in the United States.

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