Trump’s Anti-Immigration Ideologies Hit the Mexican Migrants Yet Again

mexican migrants

The Trump administration seems to have crossed all boundaries for not letting the Central American migrants cross the US-Mexico border. On Sunday, One of the busiest ports of entry in the world was shut down by the authorities and tear gas was fired at a group of Mexican migrants.

The social media was swamped with pictures and videos of the asylum seekers, who had to face a tear gas attack by the US authorities. The migrants were seen dispersing as the wind carrying the gas caused unbearable conditions for them.

Reports also revealed that several children cried and choked, while their parents tried to save them by holding them tightly.

For over a week, thousands of Central American migrants have been residing in the filthy conditions in a Tijuana sports stadium. While they are seeking asylum in the US to flee the rampant poverty and violence in their home countries, President Donald Trump has been taking several measures lately to create difficult conditions for the migrant caravan.

However, the tensions at the US-Mexico border reached a greater level on Sunday. Hundreds of the group members assembled for a peaceful demonstration in Tijuana, pleading for their claims to be processed more swiftly.

According to the reports, the demonstrations went out of hand, when hundreds of migrants broke away and headed towards the US-Mexico border— the point when the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) shut down the San Ysidro Port of Entry, halting vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the region.

On Twitter, ABC News wrote, “US-Mexico border near Tijuana closed as migrants attempt to breach fence: “Some of these migrants attempted to breach legacy fence infrastructure…and sought to harm CBP personnel by throwing projectiles at them,” DHS Sec. Nielsen said in a statement.”

Media reports also say that unsuccessful attempts were made by the federal police to halt the Mexican migrants as they rushed towards the border.

The American media BuzzFeed also reported that according to a Mexican government official 30 people were able to successfully breach the border.

On Sunday, Mexico stated to deport nearly 500 Central American migrants who sought to cross over. As the asylum seekers flooded across a river bed to the border fence, they pushed past lines of Mexican police.

In a statement, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsena said, “This morning, CBP was forced to close the San Ysidro Port of Entry to ensure public safety in response to large numbers of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally.”

She also stated that some of the Mexican migrants also attempted to breach legacy fence infrastructure along the border” and accused them of seeking to “harm CBP personnel by throwing projectiles at them.”

Trump has been intensifying the pressure on the Mexican government to deal with the asylum seekers, who have been moving towards the US on feet through the country for weeks.

On Sunday, he tweeted, “Would be very SMART if Mexico would stop the Caravans long before they get to our Southern Border, or if originating countries would not let them form (it is a way they get certain people out of their country and dump in US No longer).”

However, the attacks on the Mexican migrants on Sunday brought in criticism from several across the country.

Sean Duffy wrote, “As #Trump allows US border patrols to fire tear gas at children we are reminded of the words of Tony Benn ‘The way a government treats refugees is very instructive because it shows you how they would treat the rest of us if they thought they could get away with it’.”

The Democratic State Representative, Ilhan Omar also tweeted, “Trump, this is a wicked performance and a rating booster. Stop this hellish show and abuse of power. This is life and death for asylum seekers! This can’t persist. Seeking. Asylum. Is. Legal.”

On Thursday, the Trump administration also prompted the Central American migrants to wait in Mexico, while their claims are processed. Trump’s actions as part of his anti-immigration ideology have been crossing the humanitarian boundaries.

The attacks on Sunday made the asylum seekers suffer to a great extent, where even the children were not spared. Are the anti-immigration ideologies of the US President greater than humanity?


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