US CIA suffered ‘catastrophic’ compromise of its spy communication system

US CIA spies communication system

According to some sources, it has been identified that the US CIA is going through trouble with the use of spies as their communication channel, which has posed great conflict and death around the world. The online yahoo news reports the use of an internet platform which is used by the central intelligence to communicate with their spies and government officials. The conversation between the eleven US former intelligence and the government officials, which was published by the yahoo news team on Friday indicates that they are fully aware of this matter.

It’s been notified that it has been long since the online communication system has been introduced or developed. According to yahoo news, the online communication system was developed by the US central intelligence communication system to be used for war and in war zones especially in central Asia and in the Middle East. After the development, the CIA subsequently adopted it for use after seeing it as sure means of exchanging discreet or vital information between the US CIA officers and their assets in inaccessible areas.

In the spy world, an denied area is greatly implored especially during war times to mean areas within a country where communication is between the same parties is hindered or difficult due to the opposition of state rivalry. This usually occurs in most Muslim state with intense conflicting issues. Nevertheless, this system of communication is been viewed as a basic strategy to maintain the observation been carried out by internet strategy counterintelligence who are known to be working in China, Russia or Iran.

It was announced by the Iranians media team that the Islamic counterintelligence has been developed a US CIA spy group that consisted of 30 informants. the development of this informants originated from the revelations of the nuclear research status of Iran’s by Washington back then in September 2009. This revelation elevated the Tehran’s anger, which resulted in the cessation of the US and others to acquire information about the nuclear programs. News later reached yahoo news from other sources that one member of the CIA assets was made to become a double spy for the Iranian. With the information obtained from the spy, Iran’s implored the use of Google-based tech in identifying the entire networking website used for communication them and other-other country.

It was reported later by the yahoo news that the US CIA was able to withdraw some of their assets from the Iranians before they were caught by the authorities. This lead to the recalling of under covers officers after they were already identified by the Iranians.

In China, the outburst of new CIA network spies leads to the massive execution and arrest of many US assets. This happened around the year 2011 and 2012. It was believed that the Iranians were the ones who assisted or taught the Chinese how to use the CIA’s communication system in identifying clandestine methods and resources used by any agency.

In the report, it seems that the CIA was warned beforehand of the likely problems that may arise in pursuing the communication system before penetration is to occur. But it has been reported that the CIA in response to the agreement has stopped using the online communication system which caused the alleviated the problem they are facing.  The status of the developing CIA spies taken place in Iran and in China has been greatly monitored by the Intel-News and the yahoo news where the first to report the information the gathered about the CIA spies and the root cause of the problem.



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