US Delayed Lethal Aid to Ukraine Despite Congressional Authority

ukraine aid

The United States is planning to render lethal aid to Ukraine, a leading military operations commander in Europe said. The said option is being taken into consideration to prevent the recent uncalled for Russian aggression like that of the Kerch Strait crisis, from taking place in the future.

American policymakers are dubious about the provision of lethal aid to Ukraine, as it has been a contentious issue for the US. The idea alone could escalate tensions with Russia or incite an entirely new conflict with the country.

The Oklahoma Republican and committee chair questioned the US’ delayed approach in delivering lethal aid to Ukraine despite congressional authorization on Javelin anti-tank missiles.

U.S. Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, the top officer for NATO and the commander for U.S. European Command stated that the country has been progressively bolstering the sniper abilities in the Ukrainian military. However, he further added that any possible shipment will also have to undergo “policy deliberations.”

Scaparrotti expressed concerns with the committee over Russia’s advancement of its navy.

He said, “I’m not comfortable yet with the deterrent posture we have in Europe,” on being questioned about US’ resources and forces to deter Russia. Scaparrotti particularly mentioned about Ukraine saying, “We need to study their maritime component, their navy.”

Then-President Barack Obama wasn’t quite comfortable about the idea of giving lethal aid to Ukraine, after witnessing the 2014 open conflict initiated along with separatists backed by Russia. On the other hand, he chose to go initiate a U.S.-led NATO training mission for Ukraine’s withered military, instead. US began delivering Javelin missiles to Ukraine in April 2018, after congressional approval on the December 2017 authorization given by President Donald Trump.

Ukraine’s eastern border in the region of Donbas, has long witnessed its conflict with Russia in the past, which has started simmering lately. The matter was feared to escalate during November, after Russia’s coast guard and naval vessels forbade Ukraine from accessing the commercially significant Sea of Azov. The only access available to the Kerch Strait was blocked.


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