Cancellation of US-Taliban Peace Talks Might Lead to Grave Consequences for US

US-Taliban Peace Talks

The tensions between the US and Taliban appear to have been heightened after the President called off the planned US-Taliban peace talks, which was initiated in order to bring peace in Afghanistan. However, the recent Kabul attack, which took place on Thursday, is considered to be one of the major reasons behind the cancellation of this meeting.

A paratrooper from Morovis, Puerto Riconamed Elis Angel Barreto Ortiz, who was also a Sgt. 1st Class, was killed in the Kabul attack. The 34-year-old died when a car bomb exploded at a checkpoint near NATO headquarters and the US embassy in Kabul, which also took the lives of dozens of people. The Pentagon announced the US soldier’s death on Friday.

As and when Taliban took credit for the Kabul attack on Saturday, President Trump entirely scrapped the meeting meant for promoting US-Taliban peace talks with the President of Afghanistan, Taliban leaders and the militant groups, who were to travel to the US for the same purpose on Sunday. He made it clear in a series of tweets he posted on Saturday evening, calling off the meeting at Camp David.

“What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?” Trump wrote, accusing Taliban leaders of trying to build leverage ahead of Sunday’s talks.

“If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don’t have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway,” Trump posted on Saturday evening.

The Taliban confirmed that the US President in late August asked the former to visit the US for continuing peace talks. Considering President Trump’s recent move of cancelling the meeting to be a huge disregard, the Taliban militants warned that more American lives would be lost as the US government has been continuously failing to find a key solution.

Taliban further added, “While America and Afghan allies have killed hundreds of Afghans, it doesn’t show patience and experience to react to an attack [by the Taliban] prior to signing the deal.”

Apparently the critics, who support Trump’s decision, believe that if a country like Taliban fails to maintain ceasefire during the days of peace talks, they really would not have anything meaningful to add in the negotiations during the meeting.

So does that mean fighting and war are the only options left? It is for sure that the disclosure of peace talks and then their sudden cancellation due to innocent deaths in Kabul kind of raises questions on the credibility of future US-Taliban peace talks and America’s active involvement in the ongoing Afghan war.

Amidst all the hurdles, the US is continuously trying to maintain military pressure on the militants while many leaders have been calling for a significant commitment from the Taliban to reopen the US-Taliban peace talks.


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