Despite Receding US-Iran Conflict, Possibility of Cyber Warfare Remains

US-Iran Conflict

Since the death of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, US-Iran conflict has been hanging with a thin thread, almost on the verge of turning into a full-blown direct conflict between both the nations, even though both have stepped back from waging a war.

Since Congress is still debating over what can be considered cyber warfare and Iran is constantly trying to fuel the conflict, there is a possibility that both the countries might indulge in cyber warfare.

A cyber battle at this point will have ranging consequences, from a plunge in the economy to a severe blow to the US security.

The cyber warfare, if begins, will not only put the global market, citizens of the US and the Middle-East at risk, but will also give enough room for the US-Iran conflict to heighten at an exponential rate, leading to disastrous and unthinkable consequences.

Speaking about the cyber attacks, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said, “We’ve never really gone down the route to define what constitutes an act of war when it comes to cyberattacks.”

“When you start getting into control systems, electrical systems, other critical infrastructure, you start attacking our financial system — to me those certainly would qualify, or certainly should be considered, as something we would require a pretty robust response,” he added.

Apart from the plausible speculations on the cyber battle, witnessing the current situation of the US-Iran conflict, multiple analysts have claimed that Iran might carry out a cyber attack against the US, once again.

Earlier in 2013, Iran-backed hackers hacked the control system of the dam in the suburbs of New York. Such an activity not only puts hundreds of thousands of people at risk, but also puts the infrastructure and economy of the city and ultimately the country under risk.

To retaliate against the death of Gen. Soleimani, Iran carried out strikes on the Iraqi bases that housed US troops, luckily no casualties were reported.

Iran’s another attempt to gain an upper hand in the US-Iran conflict also backfired after the former shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, carrying 82 Iranians, mistaking it to be a US fighter plane.

After the Ukrainian airplane shoot down, Iran has gained significant pressure on resuming the nuclear deal, which it backed out off after the drone strike that killed Soleimani..

Also, the recent US sanctions on multiple sectors of Iran like construction, manufacturing, textiles, and mining, might lead to Iran being involved in carrying out a cyber attack against the US or using Iraq as its proxy.


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