The Reason Why Trump Administration Wants to Legalize Marijuana

    Legalization of marijuana

    Legalization of marijuana and taxing recreational like Colorado and Washington could raise tens of millions for the United States of America. However, why America is still focused to legalize despite protests.

    Earlier this year, Donald’s Trump judicial nominees were threatened to be blocked by Republic Sen. Cory Gardner, and the statement came as a result of prioritization of the enforcement of federal marijuana laws, which he reinstated must be withdrawn.

    The state legalized the use of marijuana in the light of federal policy, and Gardner at the Senate floor expressed that he was not happy with decision, especially after both the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the candidate Donald Trump said that they would not interfere in the state issues.

    As a result, Gardner also a issued a statement then  “And that’s why I will be putting today a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice until Attorney General Jeff Sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me in my pre-confirmation meeting with him.”

    “Until he lives up to that commitment, I will be holding all nominations to the Department of Justice,” he said. “The people of Colorado deserve answers.”

    The anger was quite clearly visible as the Senate floor witnessed the continuous opposition against the policy, he also made a point and said both Sessions and Trump vowed to respect rights on the issue of marijuana in 2016. Gardner, also asked the Attorney General that he would like to know what has changed since Trump’s take on the matter earlier.

    He further commented “I believe what happened today was trampling of Colorado’s rights, its voters.”

    The complete session was targeted at how State matter could be not a matter of Trump’s administration or the president himself, when legalizing a drug poses a challenge not only for the state, but for the country as well. Also, the so called Cole memorandum was condemned, which not only deprioritized federal marijuana laws, but was also as an easy step that allowed some states to legalize the drug.

    Following the incident, an estimate was presented and the Tax Foundation said that a 15 percent retail tax on cannabis could raise about $34million for the state in a year while a 25 percent could raise about $57 million.

    The astounding numbers clearly present why America is too keen and why Donald Trump changed his stand, when the time came.


    • Olivia Anstey

      Olivia believes writing is the best form of communication and is the basis for human survival. She presents a wider picture of each and every political aspect and believes the truth must be spoken! She has additionally spent most of her time consulting federal employees based on her experience in the department, which she now uses while writing for Ask The Truth.

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