Will US Troops Reinforce Poland’s Defense against Russia?

US troops

Recalling the Russian takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 and the increasing need to compete with China and Russia, President Trump is thinking to send an additional 2,000 US troops available in Germany and other European countries to Poland. However, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has been warned that no final decision has been made in the context.

The Russian Federation’s annexation of Crimean Peninsula as an aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution became a source of condemnation by many world leaders and one of the main reasons behind US’ increasing need for a new and strong national defense strategy. The leaders considered the Russian annexation as a violation of international law. This is because Russia’s signed agreements were originally meant to safeguard the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Despite huge protests and imposition of various sanctions against Russia, the country’s government in 2015 announced that Crimea was fully integrated into Russia. Thus, taking into consideration the growing powers of the Russian military, the US has also intended to increase its efforts in strengthening the military activity in the Europe with NATO allies on a priority basis.

Furthermore, the Eastern European nations’ appeal for greater protection from the US and NATO to avoid becoming the next Russian target has led to the decision of sending additional US troops to Europe.

The defense system would include stationing of four multinational battalion-size battle groups in alliance member countries – Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, led respectively by the US, Britain, Canada and Germany.  

As several US troops were previously sent to Germany, thus moving some of the forces to Poland as a measure of self-defense following the Russian military threats would not be a tough task for the US government.

Even though Trump has appreciated Poland’s recent act of ordering more than 30 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets from the US to aid the country and protect its citizens, the decision in favor of sending the US troops to Poland still remains pending.

Amid the growing Russian threats, the leaders in Poland have continuously been trying to engage themselves with the US, largely with the hope of getting protection from the US troops. However, what has been left behind are questions that whether the US government would succeed in fulfilling Poland’s wishes and in turn accomplish the goal of representing its defense as the strongest in the European countries?


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