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This post was last updated on March 28th, 2019 at 07:37 am

AskTruth welcomes new ideas and opinions that dig into reality and ask uncomfortable questions, which need to be answered. Join our team of contributors and share your opinions with the world. You can write for us regardless of the experience or viewpoint you hold on a subject matter.

We accept pitches for articles that are informative, share a fresh and out-of-the-box opinion, and conform to journalistic regulations.

Criteria for Submission

1. The article should cover a minimum length of 400-500 words and must have a captivating title.

2. The submission should be delivered with relevant sources / references provided wherever required in the form of hyperlinks, images, videos, documents, etc.

3. The submission must particularly be fresh and not copied or republished (even using content rights).

4. By submitting a pitch, you give AskTruth the permission to append the link of at least one of its own articles in your content, based on its relevance.

5. To avoid legal proceeding, ensure that your article doesn’t promote disinformation.

6. To reduce the chances of rejection, make sure that you follow and abide by the website’s content theme and categories of delivery.

7. Your content contribution to the website belongs to you and does not, in any case, become a copyright of AskTruth.

For submitting, write to us at [email protected]. Have a tip that you wish to share with us? Write to us at [email protected].


AskTruth is a critically essential asset and thus we ensure that every story gets thoroughly vetted by the editor before being published. The editor will check for grammatical errors, information accuracy, content structuring, and plagiarism. Hence, take care of the fulfilment of the following prerequisites:

1. Review and validate your content before submitting the copy

2. Mention “Please keep it anonymous” on top of your article, to maintain anonymity.

3. AskTruth avoids delayed publications and takes a maximum of 72 hours to validate and upload contributed articles.

4. Label your copy as “Urgent”, in case of a time-sensitive article.

We apologize in advance for not getting back to every one of you because of the number of pitches we receive. However, we do go through every submission, positively. Thus, if your article isn’t published in the first attempt, try again. However, in case the submission is not published even after 15 days from the date of resending, consider it rejected.

Good luck!