Young Americans Lead World Data Indicating a Surge in Youth Suicides

Young Americans

Suicide, being the most heinous practice of taking one’s life, has now become common amongst teenagers and youths resenting the complex issues of their daily lives. Every year, thousands of people around the world get carried away with their sufferings, and turn to committing suicides as their last option.

Other than accidents, suicide has now become the second-most leading cause of tragic death amongst people, causing pain to the families left behind. A data has suggested that young Americans are the ones being the most ravaged by mental health crisis and dying by suicide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease study estimate that almost 800,000 people die from suicide every year, which means one person in every 40 seconds. The data from 2007 to 2017 suggests that the suicide rate amongst young Americans ages 10 to 24 has increased to 56 percent.

The fact that the gender gap in suicide cases have significantly reduced, has startled the researchers. Earlier number of suicides in females were comparatively less than the males. But, a recent data has suggested that rates of suicide for female youths have increased by 12.7 percent each year, compared with 7.1 percent for male youths.

The sad reality of today’s world is that the authorities have failed to realize the fact that the timely evidence-based interventions can prevent the loss of lives. They have largely ignored the National Survey on Drug Use and Health’s indication towards rising episodes of depression in the youth.

The ignorance on part of the government and authorities is a well-versed explanation, of how the suicide cases are growing at an alarming rate, despite the innumerable ways available for treatment.

Had the people been dying due to heart ailment or any new infectious diseases, there would have been a public outcry against the government to take appropriate actions. But, the national call to action against the suicides caused due to depression and unawareness amongst people, is still lacking.

The current situation gives rise to another question as to why the youth, especially young Americans, despite being privileged, resort to committing suicide? Is mental illness the only reason behind their death?

Today, a majority of the physically healthy adults and youngsters have become psychiatrically vulnerable. Large number of people are now becoming accustomed to having suicidal thoughts, known as episodes of depression, in terms of medical study. 

The researchers believe that social media exposure and excessive use of smartphones have equally contributed in the growing mental illness amongst the youth. Since, the females are more prone to experiencing cyberbullying, their death rates have successively increased. Consumption of drugs and alcohol have further complicated the suicidal tendencies of people.

Unawareness amongst people has heightened such incidents, so for starters, a major public campaign to educate parents and teachers to recognize depression needs to be set up. Equal participation of the respective governments is needed as such an initiation would require adequate funding and resources.

Reaching out to the youth and providing resources for at-risk youths would become a step forward to halt the growing mental health illness that has become a leading cause of global deaths. The authorities need to recognize the severity of the situation. At this moment, not only the young Americans, but the youth from all over the world, are in dire need of help from the mental illness haunting them for lives.


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